Tom O'Brien


Prior to founding Eclipse in 1993, Tom held several leadership positions throughout his career in the medical device industry. Having mastered both disposable and capital equipment sales for companies like C.R. Bard, Tom’s track record of success quickly established Eclipse as the go-to company to launch new technology in the surgical laser industry.

Over time Tom transitioned Eclipse from a leader in the OR surgical laser market to a key player in the aesthetic laser industry. Starting in 2011 Eclipse began a new mission of increasing adoption of Platelet-rich Plasma on a national level.

His vision and leadership has helped Eclipse become one of the most successful medical device companies in its space. Tom’s new mission is to bring game-changing Eclipse technologies in Platelet-Rich Plasma, Microneedling and Shockwave Therapy to the entire globe.


Build Trust With Your Patients

The MicroPen® Elite is an advanced medical-grade automated micro-needling device (or micro pen) used to improve the appearance of facial acne scars in adults. With the MicroPen® Elite, physicians have a convenient, hand-held micro-needling device to safely treat several skin conditions. The MicroPen® Elite is the latest innovation in medical aesthetics.

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Advance your practice with the MicroPen® Elite

The MicroPen® Elite is a medical-grade automated micro-needling device designed to improve the appearance of facial acne scars. Advancing the industry-setting standard in micro-needling, the Elite offers physicians a customizable tool to help exceed patient expectations and produce a healthy bottom line for their practice.

Using the MicroPen® Elite

Using a sterile cartridge containing 12 Stainless Steel 32g needles, the MicroPen® Elite penetrates the top layer of skin to improve the appearance of facial acne scars. Micro-needling procedures using the newly advanced Elite can take as few as 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the area treated, and may only require one treatment for some patients.

Variable Settings for Greater Precision

The Elite allows physicians to select the exact depth for each patient’s skin type and condition, using robotic precision to go as deep as 2.0 millimeters at 0.1-millimeter increments. The MicroPen® Elite’s patented cartridge design prevents the entrance of fluids into the device which, along with the MicroSleeve and routine cleaning, help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of the unit between uses.


Natural Results

Safe for Most Skin Types

Minimal Downtime

Minimal Discomfort

“I look forward to every treatment, because I see results immediately. Nothing works as well as the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite. I would highly recommend it to anyone! Ask your skin-care professional about the award-winning Eclipse MicroPen® Elite."

Elizabeth K.


  • Cosmetic Topical Treatments
  • Skin Revitalization
  • Reduction in the Appearance of Acne Scars
  • Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Tighten Pores and Increase Elasticity


  • 12 stainless steel needles
  • Lightweight, streamlined construction
  • Cordless Operation
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • High-Speed Motor for Improved Treatment Efficiency
  • Variable depth settings, effective for all skin types
  • Incorporates protective sheath and sterile micro-needling cartridge


  • Up to 4 Hours of Continuous Operation
  • 1-Year Replacement Warranty
  • On-Site Sta­ff Training
  • Marketing Support
  • Weight and Unit Body: 87.5g
  • Battery 33.5g w/packaging is 1.5 lbs
  • Rated Power Input: AC 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 0.3A Output: 5V, 1A
  • Charger Time 3 – 6 hours
  • Speed (RPM) 7000


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