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Prior to founding Eclipse in 1993, Tom held several leadership positions throughout his career in the medical device industry. Having mastered both disposable and capital equipment sales for companies like C.R. Bard, Tom’s track record of success quickly established Eclipse as the go-to company to launch new technology in the surgical laser industry.

Over time Tom transitioned Eclipse from a leader in the OR surgical laser market to a key player in the aesthetic laser industry. Starting in 2011 Eclipse began a new mission of increasing adoption of Platelet-rich Plasma on a national level.

His vision and leadership has helped Eclipse become one of the most successful medical device companies in its space. Tom’s new mission is to bring game-changing Eclipse technologies in Platelet-Rich Plasma, Microneedling and Shockwave Therapy to the entire globe.


Eclipse PRP® Male Sexual Wellness

Platelet-rich plasma, PRP, has long been known as an innovative, safe, and proven procedure to treat a variety of health and wellness issues. It’s a natural and effective alternative to the numerous manufactured or surgical treatment options on the market today. While many people think of PRP for aesthetic cosmetic uses– particularly for women–it’s now becoming more widely used to treat common health issues that affect men, such as male pattern baldness and erectile dysfunction.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. It’s a common condition that most often affects middle-aged and older men. Many primary care physicians, internists, and geriatricians are called upon by their male patients to help them manage this condition or to make referrals to urologists, endocrinologists, and cardiologists who can also assist in treatment.

Benefits of PRP for ED

One in 10 men worldwide experience erectile dysfunction, and over 80% of ED issues are caused by poor blood flow. Globally, half of all men encounter some type of sexual dysfunction, so it’s not surprise that many are open to the idea of treatment to improve their sexual performance with stronger erections, longer endurance, and a decreased recovery phase. Some patients have described traditional treatments for ED as uncomfortable and expensive with varied and unpredictable results–until now. Eclipse is offering a first-of-its-kind pulse wave therapy treatment for ED with eVive™, as well as a combination-style treatment of eVive™ and platelet-rich plasma, PRP, injections.

eVive™ is the first pulse wave therapy device on the market with the specific purpose of making treatments for ED comfortable, affordable, and effective. eVive™ uses acoustic sound waves that diffuse as they travel away from the applicator tip, creating a therapeutic effect as they pass through the target tissue. Patients benefit from improved blood flow to the penis when the sound waves open existing blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. Multiple studies have proven that eVive™’s use of pulse wave therapy helps to repair aged blood vessels, stimulate growth of new blood vessels, and remove decades of micro-plaque. The applied pulse propagates radially within the tissue and has a therapeutic effect the tissue. With eVive™ from Eclipse, men finally have a simple, in-office treatment option for ED with no downtime and lasting results. Most patients require six to 12 painless, noninvasive in-office treatments which last about 15 minutes each.

PRP Injections

The Priapus-shot, or P-shot, is a series of painless PRP injections from Eclipse strategically placed to enhance sexual arousal and treat erectile dysfunction. PRP helps to rejuvenate the penis and increase stimulation of new tissue growth, resulting in improved erections that are larger, firmer and more frequent. Typically, in just one treatment, patients show improvement in sensation and pleasure; blood flow and circulation; sexual capabilities and stamina; prostate discomfort; and urinary incontinence.

Like eVive™, PRP injections are another noninvasive, drug-free, and pain-free solution to ED. With minimal to no side effects, PRP injections can solely be used to treat erectile dysfunction or used as an adjunctive therapy for sexual dysfunction. PRP patients often report increased sexual satisfaction, more sensitivity, and a higher level of sexual desire after only a few treatments.

PRP injections are designed to help those who have lost function due to aging, diabetes, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery, or other conditions such as hardening of the arteries. PRP injections don’t include risk side effects such as stroke, headaches, heart attacks, or erections that last for hours like other treatment options.

During a PRP treatment, a practitioner will perform a simple blood draw. The blood sample will be placed into a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the blood. While the blood is being prepared, a numbing cream is applied to the penis. Once the PRP sample is collected, it is injected into the penis. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes, and results can be seen almost immediately. Many patients require one or two procedures spaced three months apart to achieve optimal results and may resume sexual activity right away, as PRP injections require no downtime for recovery.

eVive™ and PRP Combination Therapy

Complications in sexual wellness in men can come with age and may be the result of erectile dysfunction, scar tissue, or loss of sensitivity associated with a variety of health reasons. Combining the noninvasive eVive™ treatment with PRP injections has shown to have a positive impact on men’s sexual wellness, often without the risks associated with medication or surgery and no pills or pre-planning required. Eclipse professionals combine the eVive™ procedure that uses high-frequency, low-intensity soundwaves, in combination with the proven PRP injections for the most effective, long-lasting results at an affordable price.

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